Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fresh Pick: Alileng

One of the perks of living in the Navotas-Malabon area, aside from the free swimming pool during high tides, is that you have the chance to cook and eat the freshest fish, as in straight from the fisherman's boat to your hand. But, as I am not a fan of fish and any fish-based dishes, this privilege does not apply to me but it certainly benefit my family. My antagonism to fish-based dishes is not hereditary, my family loves to eat fish, even my son, who is so picky on what he eats, prefer fried fish to other dishes. Actually, I am so thankful that he is, I don't want him to miss out on necessary nutrients and omega-3 acids that is found on fish.

Moving on... photo above is an Alileng (sorry I have no idea what is its universal name), a really big one at that, it is estimated to be 3 feet long and weighed more than six kilos, and it would have cost us more than a thousand bucks if we had gotten/bought it in the market. Well, you have to know some people to acquire a fish this big without shedding a penny *lol*.

They (my nanay and tatay) made two dishes out of it, Fish Fillet and Sinigang. I was too lazy and uninterested to snap some pics, promise I'll be snappy next time *grins*.


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bambie said...

omg! that fish is huge! first time i came across that fish. initially i thought it was a platter but then i realized it's a basin containing the fish! i was about to ask if it's tasty but since you're not a fish fan, well...:) but it does look tasty and i'm sure it did after your parents cooked it.