Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fresh Pick: Green Mangoes

After the Christmas season and the chilly wind and cold weather that it brings, the next most-awaited season for Pinoys is the summer. I am not a beach bum, though I love the water and the scenery, my incapability to swim and my not-so-beach-worthy physique kind of hinders me from being one, hehe. But as a foodie, one of the best perks summer could offer for me, is the availability of those summer fruits. My father-in-law bought a few parcels of land in Bulacan a couple of years back, the land came with a number of fruit-bearing trees, and other plants, and we're already reaping (literally, hahaha) the benefits of it all.

Photo below is that of the apple-mango tree in the backyard, adjacent to the dirty kitchen, I wasn't able to take pics of the other trees as the sun was blazing above me and I'm kinda not your regular happy sunny camper, I am more of a happy shady couch potato kind of person *grins*.

I'll do it next time...

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lee said...

sarap niyan sa bagoong!hingi ako...hahaha