Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ham Sandwich (My Way)

I think, this will be the last time I post something about Christmas left-over ham, hahaha, we've finally consumed all of it :)

You know what I did, I sliced the fiesta ham into thin slices like that of the regular ham and stored it in a sealed-in canister so that everyone who wants to grab a bite can just do so without all that fuzz. And it works, the ham was gone faster than me cooking pancakes, hahaha.

Photo below was the ham sandwich I made last I ate the left-over ham, we have some lettuce in the house, so I just put some mayo on a pair of white bread (have I mentioned that I love mayonnaise?), layer the some lettuce leaves, another dash of mayo, and fried ham.


Another non-recipe, maybe next time :)

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Chimmie said...

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