Monday, December 14, 2009

Fresh Pick: Cream Dory

Cream Dory (close up shot)
Cream Dory (whole body)

*** Hahaha, parang modelo lang ang isda, may close up shot at whole body shot. Audition photos, kumbaga, hahaha.

Hubby's uncle harvested some Cream Dory in his Zambales fish pen to give out to relatives and friends for taste test purpose, as well as, hunting for a big market in Navotas/Malabon fishports. I'm not really a big fan of fish (when they're dead and on a platter), so hubby's the one who clean, sliced and fried it, he didn't bother to turn it into a fillet, though it is said to be the best source of white fish fillet in the country, as he was in a hurry to try it *grins*. I heard that most of the available Cream Dory in the market are frozen fillet already, so it's really a treat to try a fresh pick.

To give you an idea on how to cook or on what menu to find Cream Dory, try to visit Market Manila and Max's, I guess, you can try and search for more info if you're really up to it.


Anonymous said...

May kaliskis ba cream dory? Sana paki post more pictures pa. TY

Anonymous said...

wala syang kaliskis..haha kaka kuha lang ng cream dory galing fish pan ng kaibigan ng tatay ko