Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fresh Pick: Asugon (Barracuda)

Photo below is a Guinean Barracuda, one of the more timid kinds of barracuda, it comes in many names depending on the local you're in here in the Philippines, here in Navotas and I guess, mostly in Tagalog region, it is called Asugon. The asugon on the pic below measured up to 4ft in length, I have no idea, how much it weigh, I was just astonished to see (well not really, I grew up seeing huge fishes) how big it was so I asked my tatay to put a meter beside it, to illustrate how long it is, and took the shot. I have other shots, but I just can't post it the right way, I don't know why :(

My tatay cooked it in two ways - he sliced and fried the body (first) while he cooked the head and tail part plus the egg (and other whatnots) in sour broth (second). Before you question my pop's food preference, let me tell you a side story, he used to work as a chief cook in a cargo ship before he retired, and most of his co-workers during his years of work were Japs nationals, so his quirky palette sort of came from that.

No recipes from me, not a fan of fish and I don't think, I'll ever be :p

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Chimmie said...

but fish are delicious. :D just ec here.