Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kekiam Balls

I learned this recipe from my pops, remember that I hailed from Malabon City, thus making stuff out of fish is kinda an in-bred quality among us citizens, hahaha.


  • ground fish meat
  • ground pork
  • carrots, minced
  • green onions, minced
  • onions, minced
  • garlic, minced
  • salt and pepper
  • egg
  • flour
  • cooking oil, for deep frying


Note: My mom told me that you can buy ground fish meat in the market, you just have to ask, and be willing to pay a minimal fee. But if you opt to do it yourself, be sure to pound on the fish first to loosen its meat before you scrape it off.
  • Ratio of ground fish and pork is 1:1
  • In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients listed above except for the cooking oil, be wary of the seasoning and the flour, you don't want your kekiam balls to be flour-full and meat-less, nor do you want it too salty or too hot, right?
  • Shape it into balls, deep fry and you're done.
  • One tip though, just to make sure that you got your desired taste, try deep frying one ball first and taste test, then do the necessary tweaking. After that, try frying another one and taste it again, just keep on trying until you perfected it. If I can live with estimates, so can you, hahaha, good luck with that :)
  • This is good as a pica-pica food or as a viand, it can stand alone or you can serve it with ketchup or any dips/sauces that you want.

Happy cooking!

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lee said...

i love kikiam, lulutuin ko ito, thanks sa recipe