Sunday, January 16, 2011

Failed Attempt 1 - Salad Drink

As much as would love everyone to think that I am getting better in this homemaking business, I know better, and to start something different in this blog, I decided that I will chronicle not only those recipes that I succeeded in doing but also those that miss. Well, nobody said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it :)

So, for my very first entry in the failed attempt category, look and be amaze (more possibly the opposite of it) at my very own Salad Drink. This kind of thirst-quencher can be seen frequently among street peddlers and small kiosks around the mall, I am a fan so I decided to try making one on my own, oh well, practice makes perfect, hehe.

Truth is, it actually tasted good, it's just that, it didn't passed the aesthetic part, it doesn't look visually appetizing at all, right? It could have been something great *lol* but a few wrong moves and it resulted to this.

Let me count the ways (that I messed up):
  • I shredded the jelly instead of cutting it into cubes, I thought, it would work just like that of Buco Pandan.
  • I put it in it the freezer when I'm done and it's not yet time to serve it, I don't know why but those little Tapioca balls just won't show themselves anymore.
  • Instead of using a gazillion ice tubes, I used a gazillion liter of cold water.
  • I only used coconut milk, I think, it should be a mixture of canned and coconut milk.
There might be more that I don't know of, anyway, we'll find out the next time I try concocting one again.

This is a crappy post, well, it suits the topic, failed attempt in cooking and a failed attempt in blogging it *lol*.


lee said...

it looks yummy to me! i like the color...ano ginamit mo?
last new year's lunch namin, ang version ko sa recipe mo ay sago-manga dessert, niluto ko muna ang sago sa arnibal with pandan, then hiniwa ko ng maliliit na cubes ang mangga; mix ko lang, dinagdagan ko ng cold water, nilagyan ko ng evaporated milk, dagdag ng konting asukal, iyon na...sarap ng dessert!

♥peachkins♥ said...

hehehehe...ako din pag naaalala ko yung mga failed recipes ko gusto ko humagalpak ng tawa.. Dati naawa ako kay peanutbutter at ni-try nya talagang kainin yung failed recipe ko...